Friday, January 31, 2020

About Wine Essay Example for Free

About Wine Essay What is wine? It is one of the most sensual and tasteful drinks you have ever drunk. It has been over hundreds of years and till today, wine has never disappointed our mouth feels. The most important of selling wines are the packaging, because the value packaging as a marketing tool. But how many companies know how to put up their wines into markets, and who know that packaging is the first step to extract customer. In this century, a lot of people have problem to choose a bottle for dinner or for any occasion, the mainly is too many bottle of wines for them to choose from and some of the wines label are not too clear to read and it might be a problem for customer. See more:Â  Manifest Destiny essay So means that wines marketing as wines packaging as label are so important to target customer. Nowadays most wines are sold in glass bottle and are sealed using corks as the packaging. Most the wines producers have been using alternative closures such as plastic corks, screw caps and tap. The mainly is because of the costs of produces and also to prevent cork taint. In this day, some of the wines are packaged in thick and heavy plastic bags with cardboards boxes cover as label. The wines are normally connected with tap on the side of the box, the box wine can stay up to one week after opening or less, it depends how much oxidized has been mixed in. This is another newest packaging in wines in the world, so that it also extracts some new people to buy it. But the important are the wines label, have to descript clearly and bit more extractive to the customer.

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