Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Human Cloning Should be Condemned Essay examples -- Argumentative Pers

Human Cloning Should be Condemned    On November 25, 2001, the news that a firm called Advanced Cell Technology had created human embryos by cloning added new urgency to Congress's and the nation's deliberations on this issue.    This past summer, by a 265-to-162 margin, the House of Representatives passed a carefully worded ban on human cloning (H.R. 2505) which President Bush has said he will sign into law. The leadership of the Senate nonetheless has refused to take action on this measure, or even to consider a temporary moratorium on human cloning research. Further delay will only encourage some researchers to take further irresponsible steps toward the laboratory manufacture and destruction of human life. Such inaction is morally irresponsible and could result in irreversible harm to our society.    Creating human life in the laboratory by cloning should be condemned because it reduces human beings to mere produc... ...f these embryos be allowed to survive. By passing such misguided and ineffective legislation, Congress for the first time would not only allow the destruction of an entire class of human beings but require such destruction.    Progress in stem cell research and other medical advances does not depend on the pursuit of human cloning. Rather, a regression in society's respect for human life and human dignity will occur unless human cloning is prohibited by law.   

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